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Free Initial Call:

All new prospective clients must book a Free Initial Call before booking paid services.  This call is typically 20 minutes and it is to assess your presenting concerns, goals and discuss the Sleep. by Justine process.

This call DOES NOT include recommendations or solutions.

1 Hour Consultation: 

Consultation includes a full intake, review of sleep tracking

and a 1+ hour consultation session to discuss sleep challenges, sleep goals and strategies and a verbal sleep plan.



Weekly Support:

Consultant reviews sleep tracking in real time throughout the day and makes real time recommendations via sleep tracking app.  Weekly support also includes, 1 scheduled 30 minute call per week.  2 email exchanges per week.


Written Sleep Plan:

Consultant will provide phased written sleep plan.  This can be added to 1 Hour Consultation Only or for clients that are on Weekly Support.


Maintenance Plan:

For clients on Weekly Support only.  

Maintenance Plans are offered at the conclusion of your service time and include age appropriate advice and recommendations to maintain the sleep quality in your home as well as information a recommendations around travel, illness, developmental and sleep needs changes.  Maintenance plans also allow Weekly Support clients to ask specific questions they may have at the conclusion of their services.


Additional Support and Support Pay by Call Fees:

15 minute call: $45

30 minute call: $75

60 minute call: $100


Weekly Call/month (calls typically 30 minutes in length)






Why don't you offer "Packages" like other sleep consultants/coaches/specialists?

I offered 3 week packages for over 7 years and found that, while my clients met their sleep goals in this time frame it felt arbitrary.  These packages are industry standard but they fit clients into a predetermined time frame.  As I take my holistic approach very seriously, I came to find the predetermined package approach to be hypocritical and it often caused my clients undo pressure.  Some clients may only need 10 days, while others may have circumstances that require very incremental change that will take 4-5 or even 6 weeks.  Every family has different needs, concerns and circumstances and my number one priority is honoring these differences.


What ages do you work with? 

5 months through school aged. Please note that many children that are school aged (over 5) that do NOT have a diagnosis that would impact sleep (ADHD/Autism etc.) may require a medical referral as there is sometimes a medical issue impacting sleep quality.


My school aged child has a diagnosis of ADHD/Autism, can you help us?

Yes!  This is one of my sub specialties! I have extensive training in behavior, and have spent several years studying the science and behavior around ADHD/Autism and sleep.

Do you do group work?

Sure do!  Please reach out to me to get more information about group presentations and classes virtually or locally in person.

Where can I find reviews?

I post most reviews on my Instagram @sleepbyjustine under Review Highlight


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