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SleepyBye Family @The Biggest Family Shower Ever

I am so excited to announce that SleepyBye Family will be exhibiting and speaking at the Big City Moms "The Biggest Family Shower Ever" on August 5th at the California Market Center. Get your tickets and come say hello, get some sleep advice for your family, enter for a Give Away and take home your exclusive SleepyBye Family discount code for 10% off on services!

Be sure and use code: EXPERTS for $15 off any ticket level!! Speak with representatives from over 100 of the top baby & toddler companies, showcasing the latest and greatest in products & gear! Bring the entire family and enjoy a fun day of arts & crafts, live music, special "Tori Time" for the littles plus gift bags, giveaways, bites to eat, a special lactation lounge, informative seminars!!

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