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My Story


I’ve always loved children, working with them and learning about them. I spent the better part of my early adulthood bouncing between nanny work, a return to school for early childhood development and teaching pre-school. Ultimately I was just looking forward to being a mom but in my late 20's I found myself in the middle of a career that I didn't expect and didn't particularly love. I had a nagging dissatisfaction that I wasn't fulfilling my purpose. That feeling finally went away when I had my first child. I stopped working and stayed home to raise my family, a different kind of work that is unimaginably hard and amazing at the same time. Two years later I had my second child and dug in even deeper, entrenched in the "mommy world". I found myself becoming the advice giver (solicited and unsolicited) and the "sister wife" to many other mothers. Sometimes these women were my friends but often they were the new mom in the line ahead of me at Target or Trader Joe's...and I loved it...I LOVE LOVE LOVE talking to new moms and experienced moms and moms who have tons of experience but have simply lost their way. I knew that I would go back to work at some point and I knew that it would be different, something I had passion for, that resonated with me personally and filled my growing need to support other parents.


Meanwhile, I was exhausted. Ok, I AM exhausted still. I have two young boys who run me ragged and who have run the scales from sleeping through the night at 4 months of age to waking up every 3 hours for milk in a sippy cup at 3 years old! On top of that, I have my own sleep disorder. As you can imagine, sleep is sort of an obsession. I've been obsessed with sleep both figuratively and literally my entire life. Years ago, I became aware of professional sleep consultants, at one point having looked into one for my own child. What I found at the time was that it was completely inaccessible to the average family with the average income. This industry has come a long way since then, making these services far more accessible and effective. I am proud to be part of it and look forward to helping you find your way to healthy sleep for your child and family.

My Approach

Every family and every child has its own set of circumstances. I create my sleep plans utilizing a comprehensive approach that considers development, emotional well being and environment along with a variety of methods suitable for each client's unique needs. Each family/child receives a distinct and holistic sleep plan. I believe that in working with each family's individual set of circumstances they are given the ability to be more consistent with their sleep plan, allowing them to reach their desired sleep goals quickly and efficiently.

My Training

International Maternity and Parenting Institute, Certified Holistic Child and Maternity Sleep Consulting

Registered Behavioral Therapist, BACB


Certified Happiest Baby on the Block Educator

UCLA , Early Childood Education

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