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Free Initial Consult:


Our first phone conversation involves a brief discussion where you are providing me overview of your challenges and circumstances so I can decide how to best support you. This may involve a referral out when necessary.  

Consultation Only, $150 New clients that wish to have hourly consultations without a support package or who want to pay for support as needed** may book online without booking the Initial Consult.  Please click  here to book.

Full Support Package, $425 and up (clients will received a quote after the Free Initial Consult)


Phone Consultation Appointment lasting approximately 1 hour

Client Resources Foundations Preparation Plan

Review and analysis of Sleep Logs

Verbal Custom Sleep Plan

3 Weeks of Follow Up Support includes – emails and quick calls (5-10 minutes) and DAILY in app chats during business hours.*

Infant Sleep Education Package (0-4 mos.), $250


Phone Consultation Appointment lasting approximately 1 hour

Client Resources Foundations Preparation Plan

3 emails over 2 weeks, additional emails will be billed at Additional Support rates listed below.

No behavioral methods are recommended until at least 4 months of age. Please note that SleepyBye Family does not typically work behaviorally with babies under 5 months of age.

Mini Session, $200

For families that have a child that sleeps well for both naps and night sleep but need assistance with minor sleep challenges.  This is not intended to replace a full consult.  Minor challenges could include: transitions (new bed, new room, daycare etc.), the addition of a sibling, managing sleep regressions, nap dropping, travel etc. Please inquire with consultant if this package is the right fit for your family.

Includes: up to 1 hour phone call consult, verbal sleep plan.  Up to 3 emails over 2 weeks follow up support additional emails will be billed at Additional Support rates listed below.


Written Sleep Plan, $125

Virtual In Home Support,

Do you want me "virtually' in your home to support and instruct you through challenging times?  Give me temporary access to your Nest, Owlette or other monitor camera so I can see and hear your baby and provide REAL TIME advice at bedtime.

1 Night - $100

2 Night - $185

3 Night - $250

(Most clients only need 1 night)

**Additional Support:

15 minute call: $45

30 minute call: $75

60 minute call: $100

Additional emails: $30/email exchange


1 Week Unlimited, email only: $225

Return clients that need assistance with questions or to get back on track after travel, regression, illness etc. may also use these support options.

Workshops and Seminars:


Have a Slumber Party!

Do you often find yourself discussing the sleep “situation” in your home?  Why not gather together with your friends and get your questions answered!  Learn some tips and techniques that you can apply in real life while hosting a Moms Night In, Couples Brunch or School/Group Fundraising event...the possibilities are plenty.  These are fully customizable and fun!  Contact me here for more information.


Educational Seminars

These are great for day care, parenting organizations and professionals working with young children.  Attendees will come away with a deeper understanding of how sleep develops, common sleep challenges, tips and techniques to avoid and resolve sleep issues and how to support parents, clients and children through sleep.  Seminars are customizable.  Contact me here for more information.

(Please note, I provide free seminars 4 times a year to schools in my area – if you would like to be on that list please make contact.)


Consultation appointments are booked with full payment of selected package. Appointments canceled with less than 24 hours notice without rebooking will incur an additional 30% charge of your agreed upon package rate.  Please see agreement for more details.


The information available on and through the SLEEPYBYE FAMILY websites is presented in summary form as a supplement to, and NOT a substitute for, the knowledge, skill and judgment of qualified physicians and health care professionals. The information has been obtained from sources believed to be accurate and reliable. However, SLEEPYBYE FAMILY makes no warranty as to the accuracy, reliability or completeness of this information. Should you or your child have any health, medical or disability questions or concerns, please consult a physician or other health care professional. Information accessed on and through SLEEPYBYE FAMILY’s websites is provided "AS IS" and without warranty, express or implied, including, but not limited to, any implied warranty of merchantability or of fitness for a particular purpose. The information provided on the SLEEPYBYE FAMILY websites and is provided for general information only.

*Quick calls are to take place during business hours only.  In app chats and emails will be responded to on or before next business day.  If immediate assistance is required client may text or call consultant to set up a support call outside of business hours.  Additional Support fees will be incurred at a minimum charge of the 15 minute call rate for calls requested outside of business hours.

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